Amal Dokhan

Amal Dokhan

Company: Babson Global Center of Entrepreneurial Leadership

Title: Managing Director

Amal is the Director of Babson Global Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, she is responsible for the strategic direction, tactical execution and operational oversight of the Center. The BGCEL focuses on expanding the practice of Entrepreneurship in all levels focusing on activities related to scaling up SMES, female entrepreneurship, angel investment, and many other entrepreneurship-related areas. She has a diverse range of experience in management, teaching, training, and marketing related roles, particularly in education. Over the past four years, Amal has played multiple leading roles at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and at the Entrepreneurship Center in particular. She managed the university startup accelerator, which was funded by Saudi British Bank (SABB) and hosted twenty-eight startup teams in its first edition with a variety of technologies including IOT, New Materials, Software and Biotechnology from 13 different universities. Amal managed the program design, sponsor engagement, startup mentorship and other related matters. Amal also taught and co-designed a course in Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation that was offered to Masters and Post-Doctoral students. She designed and taught in the executive education programs with a focus on innovation for companies and other institutions either in-house or at KAUST. Amal delivered training sessions in all signature programs designed for the needs of the customers. Prior to that, she worked in the KAUST Seed Fund that worked with research startup funding and investments. Previously Amal managed an educational organization where she designed programs and innovative initiatives to be implemented by educators in any available setting.

In addition to teaching, Amal ran her own business, which organized mega marketing events and offered commercial consultancy to large organizations. She was also involved with a joint venture with a startup in Dubai

focused on creating media and production services to a variety of agencies. Amal Also taught Services Marketing at Wollongong University and published several business articles focused on services marketing. She also participated

in many international and regional events as a speaker and a trainer in innovation and Social Design Thinking such as TEDex, the annual Conference of the Islamic Development Bank in Mozambique and Jeddah, Startup Istanbul, UC Berkeley boot camp in Turkey and MIT enterprise forum. In addition, Amal designed and taught organizational and corporate innovation programs in different parts of the world including USA, Canada, South Africa, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Amal is also a certified trainer in Design Innovation and Change Management, the World Bank training program in Business Incubation Management Training. She also has a Masters in Strategic Marketing from the University of

Wollongong in Australia and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Amal has an executive certificate in Design Thinking from the D-School at Stanford University and acquired two certificates from MIT Sloan School of Management, one in regional entrepreneurship and ecosystem building and the other is for executives in management, innovation, and technology.

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