Philipp Langhans

Philipp Langhans

Company: Ethereum

Title: Software Engineer

Philipp Langhans is a software engineer and entrepreneur. He is working for the Ethereum Foundation since early 2018; is based in Berlin; and his work involves client security, browser technology and the vetting of grant applications.

He holds a Master’s Degree with honors in the co-organized "elite program" software engineering from the Technical University Munich, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and University of Augsburg. During this program, he also studied one year at MIT where he wrote his Master’s Thesis about driver gaze behavior modeling using computer vision and computer graphics.

His previous research about building large-scale, distributed systems utilizing idle computing power of web browsers to solve MapReduce tasks was presented at the World Wide Web conference in 2013.

Before working for Ethereum he co-founded two San Francisco based startups in the music and software deployment space, worked as consultant, and for the Techstars accelerator in Boston.

He believes that, for the first time, we are confronted with the challenge of a technology or AI that can incentivize or penalize and thereby control human behavior on an unprecedented scale which will impact us socially and economically in positive, negative or weird ways as seen in the graphics card price surge due to mining activities.

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